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Program Snapshot


52-55 teaching weeks, 1 x 5-hour
class per week plus revision as
Learners will be expected to commit about 8 – 10 hours per week in their day-to-day workplaces to learn practice and demonstrate the skills taught

Delivery Options

Face to face classroom (or delivered in the workplace), supplemented by extensive workplace practice.

On-line via virtual classrooms with scheduled face to face blocks


It is required that learners be engaged in a position in the construction industry that
allows them to demonstrate application of process and management skills
required by the program. Learners will need access to the internet for on-line research and activities.
Learners must hold a White Card as evidence of their participation in the industry.


$10,500 full fee.

Federal & State Government funding may be available for eligible individuals. Contact us to see if you are eligible for government funding.


VIC check here

NSW check here



Course information:

The Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) is designed to meet the needs of people working in the building industry and who aim to be builders and managers of small to medium-sized building projects.

This is the most up to date course available to you, including all the recent amendments made to the 2020 version.

This nationally recognised qualification will increase your knowledge and skills in the Residential Building Industry. This program helps develop skills in project supervision, building project management, building estimating and construction business management.

Course outcomes:

Graduates of this course will develop and display a range of skills to effectively and efficiently plan and execute the construction of residential & low rise buildings, focusing on the following core objectives.

√ Understand the legal requirements for residential and low rise commercial buildings projects.

√ Access, interpret and apply relevant building codes and standards to construction processes of residential and low rise commercial buildings.

√ Read and interpret plans and specifications so as to accurately estimate, plans and supervise low rise residential and commercial building and construction projects.

√ Inspect the workplace for hazards and conduct OHS risk assessments. Understand OHS legislation and how to comply.

√ Apply structural principles to the erection or demolition of low rise residential and low rise commercial structures.

√ Undertake risk analysis for all aspects of a construction business.

√ Supervise implementation of administration processes relating to residential and commercial construction projects.

√ Plan on-site activities, source resources and develop documentation for relevant authorities related to residential and commercial building and construction projects.

√ Knowledge of tender preparation and interpretation of project demands and requirements and the capability to bring together a body of diverse information for tender review, selection and interpretation.

√ Select and prepare appropriate construction contracts, including the sections, clauses and conditions for low rise construction projects.


Course structure:

CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) requires completion of 19 units of competency

CPCCBC4009            Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects

CPCCBC4002            Manage work health and safety in the building and construction workplace

CPCCBC4026            Arrange building applications and approvals

CPCCBC4003            Select, prepare and administer a construction contract

CPCCBC4001            Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for Class 1 and 10 Buildings

CPCCBC4053            Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for Class 2 to 9, Type C Buildings

CPCCBC4010*          Apply structural principles to residential and commercial constructions

CPCCBC4012            Read and interpret plans and specifications

CPCCBC4014            Prepare simple building sketches and drawings

CPCCBC4004            Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects

CPCCBC4005            Produce labour and material schedules for ordering

CPCCBC4006            Select, procure and store construction materials for building and construction projects

CPCCBC4007            Plan building or construction work

CPCCBC4008            Supervise site communication and administration processes for building and construction projects

CPCCBC4018            Apply site surveys and set-out procedures to building and construction projects

CPCSUS4002            Use building science principles to construct energy efficient buildings

CPCCBC4020            Build thermally efficient and sustainable structures

CPCCBC4021            Minimise waste on the building and construction site

BSBPMG422             Apply project quality management techniques


More information:

This program is intended for experienced tradespeople who are serious about investing in themselves to develop career path opportunities for the future. It requires commitment to attend training and to complete assignments within specified deadlines. Learners will be expected to make this commitment before being enrolled in the program, and deviation from it during the course may result in them being withdrawn.

Assessment Methods:

  • Theory & knowledge assessments
  • Case studies
  • Practical exercises
  • Project Work
  • Workplace Supervisors’ reports

Resources Provided: Learning resources will be provided including; training manuals, powerpoint presentations, You-tube clips, webinars etc.

Induction: Trainees will be introduced to the course, delivery and assessment methods, and expectations and rights of trainees prior to course commencement.

All trainees are expected to comply with worksite WHS procedures and policies during practical activities. Safety procedures in the classroom will be explained at the commencement of the course.

RPL & Credit Transfer: Students who believe they have sufficient past experience to demonstrate full competence against particular units may apply for RPL using the forms and processes available from the TME office. Students may apply for credit transfer for any units completed in prior qualifications, including for the elective units.

Funding: This program may be supported by Victorian State Government funding or subsidised by the NSW Government subject to eligibility. New employees may also be eligible for Commonwealth Government Funding. Contact us to check your eligibility.

Workplace Training: Programs can be customised to meet individual or workplace requirements. On the job training and assessment activities are built into our programs to benefit employers and enable learners to develop relevant workplace skills. 

We actively tailor training for people from diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities, and encourage all to apply. 

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    This course is designed to meet the needs of people working in the building industry whose intention is to become a Registered Building Practitioner, satisfying the education requirements of the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

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