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Infection Control Courses

This course is aligned to the national skill sets around Infection Control. The emphasis is on developing skills in staff to implement proper cleaning and infection control systems in workplaces.  

VIC                NSW

Building and Construction

Take your building career to the next level with a qualification in Building and Construction. To become a licensed builder, you need both qualifications and experience. 

Cert IV in Building and Construction

Dip of Building and Construction


It  helps participants develop the practical skills needed to manage a business or business unit.  Best suited to those wanting to build on their current business experience or those wanting to take the next step in their business aspirations.

Cert IV in Business

Dip of Business

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Management Edge provides a number of training solutions for individuals and companies in the logistics field. Our tailored and nationally accredited training programs cover three key areas in warehousing and transportation Logistics

Cert III in Supply Chain Management

Dip of Logistics

Work Healthy and Safety

Compliance with work health and safety laws is mandatory, and many courses and individual units educate and train workers in how to comply with organisational and legislative rules.

Cert IV in WHS

Leadership and Management

Learners will develop skills and knowledge related to developing effective teams, managing team and individual performance, monitoring and improving customer service and contributing to workplace innovation.

Cert IV in Leadership and Management

Dip of Leadership and Management

Competitive Systems

The aim of “Competitive Systems and Practices” is to establish and maintain a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement within an enterprise – targeting improvements in efficiency, waste reduction, customer service, employee morale and costs.

Cert IV in Competitive Systems and Practices

Project Management

It will give you the leadership skills to step up as project leader or manager. Through this course, you will deepen your knowledge and gain in-demand transferable skills to succeed in a range of project management roles in a broad range of industries.

Dip of Project Management

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After all online courses and complete all assessment with 100% satisfaction, a national recognised training certificate will be issued to you.

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