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Opening the door for trained aged carers

A LEAD trainer in community services is creating a pilot program to help fill what she describes as a “huge need for aged care workers on the Mornington Peninsula”. Jane-Ellen Mountford, who has worked in aged care “most of her life”, is hoping to generate interest in...

NCVER Report for TME

TME is pleased to report that in the latest available NCVER 2020 Student Outcomes Survey for students who completed a full qualification, we have received a 90% score on “satisfied with training”, and 89% on “would recommend this provider”. For those students...

What to do with a flawed Aged Care System ?

The Royal Commission has made nearly 150 recommendations aimed to improve what is acknowledged as a flawed system. Many of these recommendations still wait on government policy responses, and will no doubt be some time in coming. But while the recommendations expect...

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